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Throughout the years, our clients have included some of the larger names in finance, oil & gas, education and health care. Through working with these clients, our experience with building IT infrastructures has shown, all while offering superior customer service.

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Noble Johnston uses Lexcom Managed Services for IT support.

Noble Johnston did not have enough IT support work to merit hiring an internal employee. Instead, they chose to work with Lexcom's managed services team.

Their Problem

Noble Johnston and Associates is a full service law firm that provides affordable and convenient legal services. While the firm relies on information technology on a daily basis to run their operations, they did not have enough IT support work to support hiring an internal employee.

Our Solution

Noble Johnston and Associates chose Lexcom's managed service team over 5 years ago to provide IT support to their firm. "Over the years, Lexcom has lived up to their reputation of providing fantasic customer service. The support is responsive, and the people are very easy to deal with." – Bill Johnston