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Throughout the years, our clients have included some of the larger names in finance, oil & gas, education and health care. Through working with these clients, our experience with building IT infrastructures has shown, all while offering superior customer service.

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Global Advertising Group LLC improves IT services

Global Advertising Group LLC provides market research and advertising solutions to companies around the world.

Their Problem

Global Advertising Group agents work independently from remote locations. Many agents in the field were using services independently from head office, making information sharing a challenge. One of the challenges faced was that IT support was supplied by different providers in each region and there were no standards in place.

Our Solution

Due to the distributed nature of Global Advertising Group's employees, Lexcom recommended that all services and data be moved to a central data center. To do this, Lexcom implemented a central directory service, listing all employees and Windows Sharepoint Team Services, to provide a portal for agents. Communication to each agent was centralized to a VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone system, which provided a central point for agent connectivity. This integration allowed the company to provide a single face to the customer while still allowing agents to work independently. To address IT support, Global Advertising Group also chose Lexcom to provide remote support services to its agents. Lexcom provided the policies and pro standards for customers and interfaced with local IT providers to ensure standards were enforced.