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Over the years, Lexcom's client list has included major players in finance, education, and health care. We have refined and expanded our expertise and resources through meeting the needs of evolving IT infrastructures—all while offering superior customer service.

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Independant Law Firm

"Lexcom's search application enabled us to extract information that we never thought was possible"

Their Problem

An independant law firm approached Lexcom with a unique challenge. They needed to cross reference information from over 100,000 court documents to ensure the proper compensation was provided to their clients. The challenge was that these documents were in paper and it would be nearly impossible to collect the information in a reasonable amount of time.

Our Solution

Lexcom developed a custom solution using OCR technology to convert the documents from their original paper format to a digital format that was search enabled. A custom web portal was provided to allow the lawyers to quickly find and cross reference information from all the documents. The development of this application signfiicantly increased the compensation for their clients, and to the firm.