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Cloud Services

Lexcom is a service provider for Cloud Computing and Virtual Servers. Because we are 100% Canadian owned and operated, your servers and data remain in Canada.

Lexcom cloud services include Hosted Services, MS Exchange 2010, MS Office Communications Server, Windows Sharepoint, Mobile Email, Message Mirror, Business Productivity Suite, and Hosted Add-ons.

One service that sets us apart from competitors is our ability to mirror cloud services during testing and development. This creates minimal service disruption and allows you to clone your IT environment and make changes before moving to a new server.

The Lexcom Cloud lets you quickly and easily provision servers on demand. Here are a few key features:

  • Rapidly create servers in minutes.
  • Choose your server size and pay only for what you use.
  • Access server via online control panels.
  • Fully customize your server with admin access.
  • Get support when you need it.
  • No minimum commitments or contracts.
  • Hosted in Canada.
  • Lexcom is a Canadian VMware Authorized Service Provider.

Template Servers

Several Windows OS template servers are ready to deploy at any time.

Server Choices

Windows Server (SBS, Standard, Enterprise) 2003 and 2008 are available. Lexcom is an Authorized Microsoft Service Provider, so you can rent Microsoft Server and Application licenses on a monthly basis.

Storage Options

Lexcom has partnered with NetApp, a leading unified storage vendor, to provide us with advanced snapshot and mirroring capabilities not carried by other providers.

Server Migration

If you do not have the time or expertise to migrate, Lexcom can assist with workload and data migration to the Cloud Platform, saving you time and costs as you leverage the investment in your existing servers.

Private Connectivity

Lexcom has established WAN (wide area network) connections with several leading Canadian ISPs for performance, redundancy and flexibility when deploying your solution in the Cloud. Contact us for options on dedicated WAN links in our data center.

Custom Options

Virtually anything you can deploy onsite, you can run in the Cloud. Contact us with your specific requirements and we will provide a proposal to address your needs.


Lexcom Cloud Services offer a comprehensive suite of tools to make it easy to manage your cloud servers:
  • Web-based console access
  • Centralized patch management
  • Server alerting and monitoring
  • Snapshot-based backups


Receive free environmental support when you sign up for cloud computing. Free support plan includes control panels and access points to your infrastructure and support in using the control panels so you can effectively manage your environment.

You support
  • Our applications, code and content
  • Security patches and upgrades
  • Server applications
  • Server OS
We support
  • Host hardware
  • Network connection
  • Data center
  • Control Panel access
For more comprehensive support, contact us to discuss any of our three Managed Services Plans that cover the following:
  • Your applications, code and content
  • Security patches and upgrades
  • Server applications
  • Server OS


Cloud Service packages start at $99 per month. Setup charges may apply. Contact us (1.877.LEXCOM.3) for a custom Lexcom Cloud Plan.

How Cloud Works

  1. Select a size for your cloud server.
    • Cloud server sizes are measured by the amount of memory and disk footprint. Servers range in size from 256MB to 16GB. Disk sizes range from 20GB to 16TB.
  2. Choose a new server template or migrate an existing system.
    • A new server:
      • Choose from a variety of popular operating systems, including Windows 2003 or 2008, Standard or Enterprise, and Linux Debian. Or contact us concerning a large or custom server deployment.
    • An existing operating system:
      • A manual process of cloud migration performed by a consulting team.
  3. Choose your network connectivity
    • Internet:
      • Connectivity is available immediately.
    • Private WAN:
      • Connectivity is provisioned via 3rd party (a manual process).
  4. Your server is online and ready to use.
    • Using Lexcom's online control panel, you can manage, monitor and maintain your server.

What To Expect

Getting servers online

Lexcom provides an array of cloud server sizes, ranging from 256 meg to 16GB. Servers can be resized to scale up and down as needed without reinstallation.

Vs Hardware

To get a physical server online, you need to purchase the equipment, inventory it, install all of the components and then rack-mount it. You need to ensure you have the appropriate amount of power and air conditioning to run the server. The payoff is that you have control over the brand of server and what components are installed in the box.

Testing and Development

In many cases, you need to validate a system change or data change prior to making a change in production. In the Lexcom Cloud you can quickly provision a duplicate of your production environment, test the change and delete the environment, all at minimal cost.

Vs Hardware

Most organizations do not keep an exact replica of their production environment in a test lab because of the significant cost to keep the environments the same. Change plans are often tested in a lab that is not an exact copy and, upon implementation, the results are not always the same. Often changes are backed out after business disruption has occurred and your customers have been impacted.

Resizing Servers

Cloud Servers have the ability to start small and grow as demand increases.

Vs Hardware

Search for the proper components to upgrade and discard old components that no longer fit, and you have your new server environment. If you need more capacity in a month, just repeat the process.

Technology in the Lexcom Cloud


Each cloud server is a virtual machine abstracted from the physical hardware that we utilize. We use a software-based hypervisor to provide performance, reliability, scalability and security. By virtualizing server from hardware, and virtualizing the storage layer as well, we can quickly and dynamically expand your private cloud resources as needed. Servers can be moved between physical hardware and storage devices without interruption and resized for more CPU and memory at any time.

CPU Bursting

All cloud servers come with a CPU and memory guarantee based on the size of server and package of service you choose. You are allowed to burst into spare capacity within the cloud to handle extra workloads without additional cost.

Cloud Cloning

Building a test/dev environment is simple. Call our service desk to have your entire environment replicated in a lab environment within an hour. We can build the environment, from any snapshot that remains on disk, for as long as you require it.

VMware Hypervisor

Storage is RAID-DP™, offering premium performance and reliability when it comes to data protection. All storage is fibre connected to a centralized storage device. Should a host fail, your environment will automatically resume on another host in the cloud within minutes.

Additional Cloud Features

  • Every cloud server has reserved CPU and Memory.
  • Separate public and private network interfaces, with free internal bandwidth.
  • Private WAN links can be connected to a dedicated cloud network.
  • All cloud servers support 64-bit computing.
  • An online management console provides you with console access and manageability, as well as patching, alerting and reporting capabilities.