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We are committed to being outstanding corporate citizens by contributing time, talent, products, services and money to non-profit organizations and schools.

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Why work at Lexcom?

Employees value working at Lexcom for its open communication policy, flexibility, positive work atmosphere and fair treatment of staff.

What makes Lexcom truly special for employees, customers and partners is its culture and commitment to maintaining it.

Core Values

Honesty and Integrity
Teamwork and Flexibility
Going Beyond
Getting the Job Done

It is widely accepted that employees who are happy at work take better care of the organization and the customer, and they carry that attitude home. They work harder, communicate better and are more cooperative. Happy employees care about the success of the company and of everyone around them.

Our employees pride themselves on working for Lexcom, are proud of the work we do, are committed to excellence and help us deliver an outstanding customer experience.

"Every employee at Lexcom has one mission: to help our customers succeed."
– Bryan Janz CEO